Ep 7: Leaving a Legacy of Purpose with Kyra Hardwick

Kyra Hardwick has a consulting firm called The Kyra Company, she runs a non-profit called Imagine Excellence, and more recently co-founded a media company that shares the stories of black women.

Kyra has an abundance of passion for the communities she serves and shares how she advocates for businesses and leads them towards success. JaQ and Kyra discuss her story of perseverance and love as she took steps toward building her legacy and overcame the obstacles in her way.

Here is what you will learn in today’s episode:

  • Learn who Kyra is and how she supports businesses through her consulting firm and other business ventures. (2:01)
  • How her grandmother’s story sparked her passion and determination for the spaces she is in. (7:06)
  • The story of how Kyra discovered her need for freedom as she was mentally and physically taken over by stress. (16:17)
  • Kyra is a visionary, who puts her plans into motion in her own business and for the businesses she helps. (24:43)


Kyra Hardwick – https://www.thekyracompany.com/

Learn more about Legacy Lessons & the JaQperience on our website – https://bit.ly/3umOELy

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