Ep 13: Exploring Cultural Shifts & Wealth Dynamics with Linda Taylor (JaQ’s Mom!)

You’re in for a treat on episode 13 of the Legacy Lessons Podcast as JaQ Campbell brings her mother, Linda Taylor, into the studio to discuss cultural money shifts, wealth dynamics, and the wealth building journey women are facing in 2023 and the years ahead.

Linda Taylor is a CPA and the CEO & Founder of Global CFO Accounting. On this episode, she’ll share her vision of how women will become increasingly important in the financial landscape of the entire world due to the great wealth transfer. She’ll also share a word of advice for younger listeners.

Linda and JaQ will underscore why philanthropy is an essential part of personal wealth building and they’ll bring the entire conversation to life with personal anecdotes.

Don’t miss out on the energy and impact of this special episode!

Here’s some of what we discuss in this show:

  • Linda shares her perspective on the coming global wealth transfer that will greatly impact women across the world. (5:27)
  • Two career households are now the rule vs. the exception in American society. Black women are starting businesses at three times the rate of other cultures. JaQ and Linda reflect on stats like these, and Linda shares her opinion on how a female’s protective nature influences how she treats money and wealth. (16:05)
  • Linda has a few words of warning, advice and wisdom for younger listeners. (31:30)
  • “It created a muscle in me.” JaQ remembers why philanthropy was such a building block of her childhood and Linda explains why philanthropy is an important part of someone’s wealth building journey. (40:35)
  • Listen to Linda’s words of advice for everyone in 2023. (47:53)


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Follow Linda on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/linda.wallacetaylor/

Learn more about Legacy Lessons & the JaQperience on our website – https://bit.ly/3umOELy

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