Curated Wealth Management Strategies

We are a certified minority business enterprise financial advisor in Southfield, Michigan led by a team of accomplished professionals.*

*Certification with the minority business enterprise does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance or results, nor a guarantee of future investment success.

Set My Family Up for Success

“I’m a young professional looking to expand my family, eliminate debt and help grow my wealth.”

Accumulate Wealth

“I want to protect the wealth I’ve acquired and put it to work for me so I can continue to grow my assets.”

Prepare for Retirement

“Retirement is approaching, and I want to make sure my family has the income we’ll need.”

Make an Impact with My Legacy

“I want to make sure my legacy is protected (and have a plan for wealth transfer).”

We Are Your


We’re not just financial advisors. We’re here to coach you through the most important parts of your life so nothing keeps you from your goals.

Accountability Partner

One of the most difficult parts of planning is ensuring you follow through. We help you stay on track at every stage of life, regardless of changes, victories or challenges.


We don’t just create a roadmap – we help you get there. We identify and communicate what should take priority and guide you each step of the way.

What We Do

The passion of our financial advisors is to help people from all walks of life find their own vision of true wealth. That means helping you define what true wealth looks like for you, putting a plan in place to help you pursue your vision, then helping you maintain the true wealth you’ve achieved.

Financial Planning

Our team of financial advisors will design a plan to evaluate your current financial situation and direct you toward true financial freedom.

Retirement Planning

We’re here to help you avoid your own personal retirement crisis by putting your financial plan into concrete terms using our five-step process.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning team helps you create a tax efficient, comprehensive estate plan that leaves little to chance, along with teaching you how your assets will be distributed.

Investment Management

Our disciplined, time-tested investment strategies provide your portfolio with the proactive service you need to pursue your goals.

Discover the right investment strategy for you.

Tell us a little more about your investment objectives and level of comfort with risk.

By what percentage do you expect your portfolio to grow annually over the long-term (10+ years)?

Check out JaQ’s guest appearance on the Framework podcast:

“The Impact of Generational Wealth, Philanthropy as a Wealth-Driver, and Attracting Top Talent.”

She talks about how she learned her early economic lessons working in an ice cream truck and made her way into financial services. 

She shares her journey, from the touching to the hilarious, and talks about her vision of changing lives and the world through healthy financial management.


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