Ep 11: The Growth Before Your Legacy with Pastor Shaun Marshall

Today’s guest is Shaun Marshall. Shaun is a Pastor, Author, Consultant, and Speaker. He is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Navigate Consulting, and Pastor of Ministries of the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago.

In this episode, Sean shares what legacy means to him. We create an impromptu acronym that paints a picture of the process of leaving a legacy, starting with growth and ending with action.

Here are some of today’s Legacy Lessons:

  • How discovery can bring you deep joy. (7:06)
  • Listen to us create an acronym for “legacy” on the spot. (10:26)
  • How clarity forms in our life as we grow. (14:00)
  • The revelation that changed the way Sean views legacy. (18:43)


Learn more about Legacy Lessons & the JaQperience on our website – https://bit.ly/3umOELy

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