Ep 10: Trials Leading to Perseverance with Dr. David Rhoiney

Today’s show features Dr. David Rhoiney, US Navy Surgeon, Cryptologist, Cyber Security Expert, Mathematician, husband, and father. David is retiring from podcasting, and we have been given the honor of interviewing him for his last podcast- one you won’t want to miss.

In this episode, we are taken on David’s journey from poverty to the road that led him to achieve the various titles listed above. He shares how two generations ago, his grandmother grew up on a plantation and was married as a young teenager. His mother lived through traumas of her own, and both women have impacted him with their strength. Beyond his background, we look into the future and explore industry topics. We discuss hopes for future changes and more.

Here are some of today’s Legacy Lessons:

  • Here he shares his experience with poverty and the lasting effects it has on a person. (3:47)
  • Learn how he persevered through challenges that taught him to meet his objectives. (13:22)
  • Listen to the emotional story about his grandmother who grew up on a plantation in Texas and his mother who lived through abuse. He shares how their strength impacts him to this day. (18:49)


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