Ep 12: Uplifting the Next Generation with Toussaint Bailey

Wealth without service to those around you is a wasted opportunity, which is why it’s on us to empower and uplift those in our community. Alexander Legacy considers itself social entrepreneurs with a priority on social impact, and we want to be solving problems and helping those in the comm …

Ep 11: The Growth Before Your Legacy with Pastor Shaun Marshall

Today’s guest is Shaun Marshall. Shaun is a Pastor, Author, Consultant, and Speaker. He is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Navigate Consulting, and Pastor of Ministries of the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago. In this episode, Sean shares what legacy means to him. We create an improm …

Ep 10: Trials Leading to Perseverance with Dr. David Rhoiney

Today’s show features Dr. David Rhoiney, US Navy Surgeon, Cryptologist, Cyber Security Expert, Mathematician, husband, and father. David is retiring from podcasting, and we have been given the honor of interviewing him for his last podcast- one you won’t want to miss. In this episode, we ar …

Ep 9: Doing the Work with Lazetta Rainey Braxton

We would like to welcome today’s guest, Lazetta Rainey Braxton, MBA, CFP®. She is passionate about amplifying diversity, inclusion, equality, and belonging in the financial planning profession, and does so through financial planning, public speaking, consulting, and coaching. In this episod …

Ep 7: Leaving a Legacy of Purpose with Kyra Hardwick

Kyra Hardwick has a consulting firm called The Kyra Company, she runs a non-profit called Imagine Excellence, and more recently co-founded a media company that shares the stories of black women. Kyra has an abundance of passion for the communities she serves and shares how she advocates for …

Ep 6: When You Know Better, You Do Better With Valerie Rainford

Valerie Rainford is the Founder & CEO of Elloree Talent Strategies. Her company aims to advance racial equity in the workforce and help out c-suite executives that want to have diverse representation on their leadership teams. On today’s show, Valerie shares her experience of stru …

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