Greenwood Project

Since its inception in 2016, Greenwood Project has exposed high achieving students from Chicago’s south and west sides to career opportunities within the financial industry.

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Investment Education Series 2020

The sisters of the AKA sorority are very intentional about their mission to make a global impact and build an economic legacy, through financial education.  When they reached out to us to support their mission, we were thrilled to be able to lend our expertise, to provide investment educati …

Texas Power Outage

The 2021 Texas power crisis involving three severe winter storms sweeping across the United States, resulted in a massive electricity generation failure in the state of Texas, along with shortages of water, food, and heat.

How to Make Charitable Giving Part of Your Financial Plan

COVID-19 caused an economic shockwave that we’ll feel for a long time. Nonprofits, from large global networks to the local churches, have been hit hard, too. In a recent survey of 110 nonprofits, 80% of them said revenue had fallen across the board.

How a Donor-Advised Fund Can Help Your Charitable Giving

Giving is an important part of our society. It provides us the opportunity to support causes we believe in and make a positive impact. Giving isn’t always about donating money. It can also include volunteering time or donating goods and resources. Here are some examples of the impact:

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